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Here you will find the pages which have been flagged as Stubs by the contributors of this wiki. Stubs should be marked as such by adding a Stub Box to the end of the article, below everything else.

Stub is an article too short to provide more than rudimentary information about a subject, and requires further elaboration before it can be considered a fairly complete page. Once a page reaches the minimum necessary of quality, the Stub Box should be removed from the bottom of the document.

"The minimum necessary of quality" means to have all the following features:

  • A fluid text -- which is, not only bulleted list text -- with an average length that gives a nice explanation about the subject;
  • Good amounts of links to other wiki articles;
  • Media (relevant videos and/or images for the page);

Of course some times it will have occasional exceptions. In this case, use the common sense to see if the rule still applies. When unsure about removing the stub box, it is recommended that you first converse with another editor in that document's talk page (you can click on the logo in the stub box to go there) before taking action. Bear in mind that consensus is the goal.

Any user can edit a stub article, or remove a stub box from an article which is no longer a stub. Remember that even no longer being a stub, any article can always be improved.

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