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Save/Load buffer

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Save/Load Clipping is a glitch that allows the player to pass through brushes, displacements, void, etc., and enter Out of Bounds area. This glitch is mostly useful to skip cutscenes.


If you save the game while being stuck in something, and then load that save, the game will attempt to get you unstuck and will push you downwards a bit (or upwards in Old Engine).
Spamming save loads lets you clip further in the map as long as you're stuck. This means you can (re)enter Out of Bounds freely or just clip through a displacement.
Once the player is stuck further in the level geometry they can, for example, do a Damage Boost or rub the prop against their Bounding Box to gain some speed or change the clipping direction.

Void Clipping

As the name suggests, this type of clipping is done in the void, the neverending black nothingness that exists in Source Engine games.
Depending on the community, the definition of Void Clipping may vary. For example, in the Half-Life 2 community, Void Clipping is considered only horizontal movement in the void for the sake of the No Voidclip category.

Solid Out of Bounds

When the player reaches the void their velocity drops to 4.5 UPS, and the subsequent clipping will only be downward, but by doing tick-perfect save loads it's possible to maintain the velocity throughout the clipping.

Free Out of Bounds

In this case the player can change the velocity of the clipping by their own movement, and then start doing save loads. However, not properly timing save loads can result in unnecessary loss of speed and change of direction.
All Old Engine versions have this type of Out of Bounds.

Different methods of getting stuck

Prop Clipping

If there are props in the game that have a collision, and the player can move them freely while holding, then continuously pressing the prop against the wall will most likely cause the player to get stuck in it.
With almost any prop the player can get an Instant Clipping, which is fairly random, but there are props with which it's very easy to do, such as the bicycle in Half-Life 2: Episode One.
Note: Sometimes a prop can clip into a wall instead of the player.

If the player can't collide with the prop and move it freely while holding it, like in Dark Messiah, then releasing the prop in a certain way could possibly result in getting stuck in it.
Note: In Dark Messiah, Prop Clipping refers to another glitch, and this one is usually called just Clipping or Void Clipping. Also in Dark Messiah it's possible to use certain Hovered Items to get stuck.

Collision Loss Prop Clipping

If the player forces a prop to lose its collision in a certain way, then entering it can be used to get stuck when the prop regains the collision after some time.



Displacement Clipping

If there are displacements in the game, then there is a chance that if the player jumps while crouching in certain spots of it, they'll get stuck.

Level Transition Clipping

When moving from one level to another, the objects and geometry of the levels may not match, so if the player proceeds to the next level in a certain place, this can result in getting stuck.

NPC Clipping

If there are NPCs in the game, then most likely there are ways to get stuck with them.


Entity List Manipulation


Walking NPC Clipping

If there are NPCs in the game capable of walking from point A to point B, then maybe this can be used to get stuck.

Elevator Clipping

If there are elevators in the game, it's possible that the player can get between the doors and get stuck when they close.

Save/Load Clipping with the Quickclip State

Quickclip State allows the player to easily get stuck in any prop by crashing into it or simply moving it inside themselves. It also allows the player to pass through certain objects during clipping that would normally prevent it.

Notable uses

List of places where this trick can be used.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Half-Life 2

New Engine

Old Engine


Half-Life 2: Episode One


Half-Life 2: Episode Two


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