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Save/Load buffer

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Save/Load buffer
Discoverer(s) TBD
Games Half-Life 2

Episode Two Portal
Portal 2

Engine OrangeBox Engine
Used in HL2EP2DQ
Save/Load buffer is a glitch that allows the player to clip through certain brushes or displacements in New Engine and enter Out of Bounds area. This glitch is mostly useful to skip cutscenes.

Explanations and How-to

If you save the game while being stuck in something (that can be a displacement, OoB area, or prop), and then reload that save, the game will attempt to get you unstuck and will push you downwards a bit. Spamming this lets you descend in the map as long as you're stuck. This means you can (re)enter OoB freely or just clip through a displacement.

Note: in any version below the orange box engine (4044 and below) you go up when Save/Load buffering.

Notable uses

List of places where this trick can be used.

Half-Life 2

d1_eli_02 - Skipping the Gravity Gun training in Eli's scrapyard.
d2_prison_07 - Skipping the turret holdout.
d3_c17_07 - Skipping Alyx randomness.
d3_c17_10b - Skipping the Museum and all Barney randomness.

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