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Glossary of terms

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These are some terms that you'll see in the SourceRuns Wiki:

  • airstrafing: making turns in mid-air
  • alias: Game's feature to name scripts. This term is mostly used to define a certain script.
  • bhop: Short for Bunnyhop.
  • demo: Game's "demonstration" feature, which allows you to record your actions/moves. See Demo Recording.
  • fps: Frames Per Second the game is running on.
  • hit a slope: Crashing yourself into a sloped surface. See Collision Boosting.
  • inbounds: Speedrun that uses the game's intended route.
  • OoB: Out of Bounds.
  • RTA: Real-Time Attack. A run doing in one take with saving and loading
  • runs: Short for Speedruns.
  • SDA: Speed Demos Archive.
  • segmented: Speedrun done in many little parts (saving, reloading, pausing), stitched together for final video.
  • Single-Segment: Speedrun done in one sitting, without pausing.
  • strafe key: Directional key to Left or Right.
  • TAS: Tool-Assisted Speedrun.
  • TSA: TimeScale Assisted (speedrun). See host_timescale.
  • ups: Units Per Second. Used to define player's movement speed. For example, 320 ups is the walking speed in Half-Life, and the speed limit in Half-Life 2 or Portal.
  • vsync: Vertical Sync.
  • wr: Short for World Record.
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