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Here you can find everything about GoldSrc and Source games speedrunning - How-to's, Tricks, Map Routes and other articles related to speedrunning. You can easily find most of the info about a certain game by clicking on it's title in the box below.

Currently we have 200 articles.
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Hl.png Half-Life

Of.png Opposing Force
Bs.png Blue Shift
Hl.png Decay

Hl.png Half-Life: Source
Hl2.png Half-Life 2

Hl2.png Lost Coast
Hl2.png Episode One
Hl2.png Episode Two

Portal.png Portal
Portal2 icon.png Portal 2

Portal2 icon.png Co-op

Hl.png Gunman Chronicles
Sin.png SiN Ep.: Emergence
L4d.png Left 4 Dead
Blackmesa.png Black Mesa
Dearesther.png Dear Esther

Other stuff

Hl.png GoldSrc scripts
Hl2.png Source scripts
Ahk.png AutoHotkey


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October 28th, 2014
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