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Super Physics Deformation

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Super Physics Deformation (SPD) is a Glitch caused by the overload of the physics engine, which makes some object launch you at huge speeds after it was stuck in a certain way. It works the same way as Stuckjumping, but the effects are permanent. Moreover, it's only possible to achieve this state in few certain locations.


The reasons as to how this trick works are not completely understood, but we have a possible theory:

  • When the object is being crushed by enormous moving force it tries to resist by pushing another object from itself. After it gets free, the engine still thinks it's being crushed, and applies the push-from-itself force as soon as it touches an entity.


There are only several places where you can SPD an object.
In Half-Life 2:

  • d1_canals_01 - Getting an object stuck between a forcefield and a train.
  • d2_coast_07 - Getting an object stuck between a train and yourself.
  • d3_breen_01 - Getting an object stuck between yourself and the lift.

In Half-Life 2: Episode Two:

  • ep2_outland_05 - Getting an object stuck between a lift and its floating escape hatch.

Simply SPD an object in one of the maps above and jump into it. If everything is done right, you'll get a huge launch as soon as you touch the object.

Sometimes you might get "crushed" when attempting to launch yourself. This probably happens because the engine throws you to the ground too hard.
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