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Partner Air Boost

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Partner Air Boost
Video demonstrating Partner Air Boost
Discoverer(s) Unknown
Engine Source 2011

Partner Air Boost is a trick used to boost your partner's height and potentially reaching unintended places or places that weren't meant to be reached without the use of portals.

How to

This trick can work anywhere but it is most useful when the map has the Repulsion Gel. To execute this trick using Repulsion Gel, get a partner to start jumping up from the Repulsion Gel. When your partner starts falling down, jump up from the Gel and tell them to bounce back at the Gel, landing right underneath you so that when they go back up, they immediately hit you. You should now have more height than intended.
This trick can also work if your partner is already in a higher place though it is harder to execute due to timing.


This is a very straightforward trick exploiting the very basic of physics. When you jump on the Repulsion Gel, you'll gain height; bouncing back on the Gel will grant you the exact same upward momentum. Because of this, when you jump and your partner lands on the Gel and hits you right after you jump, you will gain both the momentum after you hop on the Gel and your partner's momentum, resulting in you going up even more than intended.

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