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Run Details

Completed in: 30:36
Runner: The SourceRuns Team
Game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Segmented
Scripted: Yes
SDA status: Not submittable (use of scripts)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two Done Quick is a segmented, scripted speedrun of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, completed in 30 minutes and 26 seconds by The SourceRuns Team. This run uses the 2009 preupdate version which allows moving freely in Out of Bounds space.


The speedrun originally has been started back in 2010 - right after HL2EP1DQ was finished. It mostly used routes by DemonStrate, along with some variations. After the first few maps were completed, the run stopped progressing due to lack of motivation (or other reasons).

During (and after) DWaHMoV, new revolutionary glitches and routes for Episode Two were discovered and thus the existing segments could be considerably improved. The second iteration of the project was started in October 6, 2013 after a couple weeks of routing. Several months later after the discovery of Save/Load buffer, it was restarted once again on February 23rd, 2014. Timesheet and the forum thread. A detailed run explanation can be found here.

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