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Differences between Half-Life 2 Engines

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This picture explains most of the differences between Old Engine (Source Engine 2006) and New Engine (Source Engine 2009). S. has made a YouTube video that shows even more differences.

As you might have seen or heard it, there are two different iterations of the Source engine to choose when you're speedrunning Half-Life 2. Both of these engines are very different from each other, so it's good to know what the advantages are of a certain Engine.

Half-Life 2, together with Episode One originally ran on Source Engine (Old Engine). In 2007, the release of Episode Two saw an updated version of that engine, which was called OrangeBox Engine, a.k.a. New Engine. In 2010, Valve updated both HL2 and EP1 to run on the New Engine as well, and that brought all the new glitches.

Builds 2187-4044 - Old Engine (Source Engine)
Builds 4295-5135 - New Engine (OrangeBox Engine)
Builds 5298-latest - Steampipe*

  • Steampipe version is the current one on Steam. It's still the New Engine, so all glitches still work on it, however, it's not used in the speedrunning scene due to demo incompatibility and other technical issues that Steampipe brought.


Old Engine

New Engine

General differences

Movement method

Consistent speed
Accelerated Back Hopping
Faster speed, but also more difficult

Collisions with gibs/small props

Yes, can be used for Flying No

Tricks and glitches


Very easy, possible with just about any prop and gib, capable of advanced techniques. Hard, only possible with Supply Crates and Barrels, as well as other few props. No advanced skills


Very easy Difficult

Schrodinger's Crouch

Possible; similiar to CEOOB Possible


Moderately easy Very hard

Crouch Save Glitch (JClip)

Possible Impossible

Pressing buttons through walls

Possible Impossible, but can be done by utilizing Schrodinger's Crouch


Possible Possible

Clipping through displacements

Possible, game pushes you through Semi-possible. You get stuck, but can get out by saving and reloading the save. Not doable in Single-Segment speedruns.

Save/Load Clipping

Upwards; can't be changed with Damage Boosting Downwards and sideways when coupled with Damage Boosting

Grabbing items through walls

Possible Impossible

Super Physics Deform

Impossible, however, trying to SPD an object will make you able to Stuckjump from it. Possible

Pistol Charging

Possible Impossible

Save Deletion

Impossible in 2707 (game will crash to menu), possible in 4044 Possible


Possible Impossible

See Also

Game versions

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