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Portal Done Pro

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Run Details

Completed in: 9:25
Runner: DemonStrate

Details: OoB segmented Speedrun, scripts


Beginning in September 2008 and seeing fruition in December of 2010, Michael 'DemonStrate' Yanni completed the Portal Done Pro speedrun, setting the record time at 9:25.567. He was able to achieve this by putting many exploits, relating to the broken portal gun code, to clever use, along with some very genius routes involving portal placement and by utilizing the movement glitch known as Accelerated Back Hop.



After the Portal openes, he ABHs to the box dropper and places the cube on the button, then ABHs to the elevator. In the next chamber, he ABHs to the lower room, waits for the Portal to open toward the cube, retrieves the cube, places it onto the button and ABHs to the elevator.


After ABHing onto the Portal gun, he performs a Save Glitch and Peek-a-Portals to the final elevator, using a PBF to reenter the level.


He performs a Seam Glitch, shooting OoB under the end room, using the Trigger Reentry to reenter the level. He then waits till GLADoS has finished her speech before the elevator moves.


He shoots a Portal on the roof, jumps through the yellow Portal and ABH into the end elevator. In the next chamber, he essentially does the same. He shoots the blue Portal on the roof, jumps through the yellow Portal, shoots the blue portal on the wall and flings into the end elevator.


After ABHing out of the elevator, he lets go of Crouch and jumps once on the railing, then jumps once on the platform and curves to the end elevator.


He starts of ABHing, and at the corner does a curve so he ends up on the red button opening the door. Then he uses Smart Portal Placement under the door, making half of the Portal on one side of the door, and the other half on the other side. He simply jumps through the bottom half of the elevator, and jumps back up the other.


First he ABHs out of the elevator and shoots a Portal on the wall. Then the uses Portal Standing and shoots a Portal way ahead, then jumping through the same Portal ending up in the final room. He then uses a simple fling to end up in the elevator.


He immediately shoots a blue Portal infront of the elevator and jumps through it, then ABHs to the Upgraded Portal Gun. After acquiring the gun, he jumps on top of the buttom coming up from the water, presses it, making the door to the next room open. After Portalling into the room, he goes OoB by Portal Bumping, and shoots a Portal on top the the room leading to the Chamber 12 elevator, and uses PBF to get back in bounds, and steps into the elevator. Skipping Chamber 12 in its entirety.


He shoots a Portal where the bottom of the Portal is directed at a Observation room, then shoots a camera down with a yellow Portal, then jumps ontop of the camera into the bottom of the yellow Portal, performing the Acute Angle Glitch, pushing him into the room. He then Quicksave/loads, performing a saveglitch. He then performs a Super Physics Deformation with a chair, giving him momentum which launches him into the end elevator.


After the elevator opens, he shoots a Portal on the ceiling and one on the floor and jumps through it. Then he shoots a Portal close to the platform ahead, goes though the Portal on the floor and up the one he just shot and fling up, finally ABHing into the elevator.


He does an Edge Glitch, shooting a Portal under the emancipation field of the end elevator and does a Fizzler Reentry.


He Portal Bumps to the other side of the door and uses Smart Portal Placement on a corner, making a bit of the Portal sticking out of the game. Then he does an Edge Glitch and shoots a Portal on a surface OoB where he can see the end elevator, and does a Peek-a-Portal under the emancipation field and does an Object Preserve to get the turret he needs in the next Chamber to the elevator.


He ABHs out of the elevator and does the Moon Jump Glitch to make it up to the next part of the level, and ABHs through the Orb area. He then does an Edge Glitch and shoots a Portal under the fizzler, and falls through the Portal he's standing on and hits the fizzler, then stepping into the elevator.



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