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Crouch-Clipping (CEOOB previously) is a movement-based method for getting through a ceiling in the Old Source Engine and the OrangeBox Engine speedrunning. It can be achieved multiple ways; either through crouching through a sloped surface or through flying. The glitch is extremely difficult to achieve, and other methods to go OoB have since been found to make this one obsolete.


Crouch-clipping was discovered December 9th, 2011 by Jared 'Centaur1um' O'Brien while playing a mod designed for Source Engine speedrunning, Blamod. Thanks to the mod's auto-recording feature, the occured instance of the glitch was recorded and put on YouTube.

Source Engine 2004 (Half-Life 2)

Crouch-clipping has yet to be achieved in Old Engine HL2 without the use of Damage Boosting in some way. It's most notable appearance is in HL2DQ-er at the beginning of c17_01.

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