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Pistol Charging

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Logo135.png This glitch/trick has been fixed - it no longer works on the newest version of the game.
Pistol Charging
Discoverer(s) Many
Games Half-Life 2
Engine Source Engine
Used in HL2DQ

Pistol Charging is a Glitch which allows the player to charge pistol shots, allowing to deal a lot more damage with the pistol by firing it only once.

This trick is useful for:

  • Destroying explosive barrels quickly
  • Killing enemies in tight hallways that you need to get through
  • d1_canals_07 - barrel shot to open the gate, pistol can be charged while positioning yourself.


If you hold in the secondary fire button, then hold in the primary fire button, and keep them held in, - you charge the pistol. To fire the extra rounds, release the secondary fire.

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