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Flying is a Glitch, first discovered by DemonStrate and it is one of main transportation methods in Source speedrunning scene. It was first featured in HL2DQ. Flying has few methods, but only one of them is working on the OrangeBox Engine.


If you stand on an object while still holding it, and then immediately jump, you will jump off the object and it will follow you upwards. If you repeatedly do this, you will continue to gain height. With most objects holding in the forward button helps, as it maintains your place on the object, whereas otherwise it starts to come out from under you. Flat objects with a good amount of room for standing are easiest to fly with.

Controlling speed and altitude

There's a few tricks you can use to adjust your speed and altitude.

Flying (Climbing)

Climbing is another flying method, used to gain height and distance, rapidly. Normally if you hold in forward while flying without letting go for a certain amount of time, eventually you'll end up gaining too much speed and flying off and past the object. However, if the object is slanted in front of you just right, you are repeatedly jumping forward off and into the object, therefore you are not only kept from flying off the end, but you jump more rapidly, as you land on the object faster. This makes for a sharper climb in height and better speed.

How to maintain/lose height

Crouch and stop bunnyhopping. As long as you don't do this too long, you are able to start flying again. This can also be used to keep yourself from falling off of the object.

How to gain height without moving otherwise

If you are using a long flat object you can do this by jumping in place without moving. With some objects you can cause it to reorientate by standing on the edges whilst flying. This will also allow you to gain height.

OrangeBox Engine

Flying in OrangeBox Engine is very limited and with it you can only get from point A to point B and also getting some height. In the newer version of Source engine, you can no longer fly like you used to on the old Source Engine, because the object you are holding would simply get automatically released, or start changing it's position so you cannot jump on it anymore while holding it. However, a new way of flying has been discovered specifically for OrangeBox engine, but it only works with few in-game objects if you apply the right conditions before the flight. Most used objects for flying in OrangeBox engine are barrels and supply crates.


Flying on a barrel:

SourceRunner .executλble has made a detailed tutorial on Barrel flying in OrangeBox Engine. If you're not capable of watching the video, please follow this guide:

  1. First off, place the barrel so the bottom of it would face you, and the top of it would face the flying direction. Bottom of the barrel gets usually closer to you, when you pick it up (w/o Gravity Gun).
  1. Jump on it, then press and hold your Wallclimbing key until your flight destination. Make sure you don't point completely down with your crosshair during the flight.

Flying on a Supply Crate:

  1. To fly on a supply crate, you'll simply have to flip it, so the bottom of the crate would face the sky.
  2. Then just simply jump on it, press and hold your Wallclimbing key, or rapidly jump off and re-grab the object. You'll also have to hold your Forward key during the flight.

Note: You cannot stop in the middle of the flight, or else you'll start to fall. If you want to stop, make sure that you wont die from falldamage, or fall on a sloped surface to avoid falldamage


  • Flying was first demonstrated in HL2DQ, while flying on a paint can in d1_trainstation_04
  • Flying on OrangeBox Engine was first found by TYPICAL, back when the Episode 1 run was under progress, and SourceRuns was only comprised of Inexistence, TYPICAL, Centaur1um, Foxt, cRZYFST, and a few older HL2DQers.

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