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Game versions

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When speedrunning a game, it's very important that you pick the right version of it, because of the glitches that are only available on a certain version.


Version Build Protocol version Date Notes Runs using this version
0.52 315 Unknown September 4, 1997 Half-Life Alpha 738 N/A November 1, 1998 WON, no Bunnyhop speed cap N/A N/A N/A N/A WON Half Hour Half-Life N/A 43 N/A WON N/A N/A N/A WON, Bunnyhop speed cap 3248 47 September 15, 2005 NGHL HL21

2004 runs

1.1.2.- 4382 48 October 23, 2008 Protocol 48 release 4554 48 June 15, 2009 Last version before Steampipe (scripts w/ _special work), works with Steam

You'll need these GCF files 6027 48 April 27, 2013 Steampipe beta

Last build w/ _special
works with Steam 6153 48 August 29, 2013 First Steampipe build HLDEW
Latest Steam build 7559/7561 (Linux/Windows) 48 July 5, 2017/July 7, 2017 (Linux/Windows) Linux and Windows have different builds, but they function identically. HLDEW

Half-Life build number is the number of days since October 24, 1996.
More versions

WON versions up to don't have the bunnyhop speed cap, but they also don't allow the player to exceed the 100fps limit and _special scripts only work with, which is useless because that version already has the bunnyhop cap.

Half-Life 2

Build Engine Date Notes Runs using this version
2187 Source (6) November 2, 2004 HL2DQ
2455 Source (7) July 28, 2005 HL2DQ
2707 Source (7) April 6, 2006 HL2DQer was made with this Old Engine Scriptless runs/HL2DQer
4044 Source (7) December 3, 2009 Last version to run on Source Engine.
Uses Save Deletion
Old Engine Scripted runs
4295 OrangeBox Engine (15) August 11, 2010 Half-Life 2 port to OB Engine DWaHMoV
5135 OrangeBox Engine (15) November 28, 2012 Last version before Steampipe.

Airboat stops on every map load.
Early Dark Energy glitch.

5298 OrangeBox Engine (24) May 10, 2013 First Steampipe build
Latest version OrangeBox Engine Steampipe

Half-Life 2 build number is the number of days since November 7, 1998.

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