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Source Unpack

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Source Unpack
Developer(s) BitRain, YaLTeR
Type Single-Player
Game Half-Life 2 & Portal
Download Installer
Episodic Unpack
Developer(s) Maxxuss, BitRain
Type Single-Player
Game Half-Life 2 EP1+EP2
Download Installer
Old Engine Unpack
Developer(s) BitRain
Type Single-Player
Game Half-Life 2 v4044
Download Installer

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Source Unpack is the most recent pre-SteamPipe version of Source Engine (build 5135), with unpacked HL2 and Portal included. You have to own Portal and HL2 on your Steam account in order to be able to run the Source Unpack versions of the game.


(included in Source Unpack v1.1+)

How to install:

  1. Extract the "Source Unpack" folder anywhere.
  2. Launch Half-Life 2 with HL2.cmd and Portal with Portal.cmd.

You can change the launch parameters in HL2.cmd and Portal.cmd to your desire, by default it is set to skip the startup video (Valve logo) ("-novid"), start in windowed mode ("-window"), the window will have no borders ("-noborder"), will have a resolution of your current screen resolution, up to 1920x1080 ("-w 1920 -h 1080") and be positioned in the very top left corner of your screen ("-x 0 -y 0"). The game will also launch with hardware DirectX level set to v9.0+ ("-dxlevel 95"), which is standart setting for those games. For more Launch options: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Command_Line_Options

YaLTeR's Source Pause Tool is included. You can enable it by typing "plugin_load spt" in the console. With SPT you can enable autojumping with "y_spt_autojump 1" and enable autopause with "y_spt_pause 1". These commands are useful for segmented runs. http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Source_Pause_Tool

RInput is included to remove any mouse acceleration in the game, making mouse movements more accurate. For more info: https://github.com/abort/Rinput-Library

How to install mods (some might work, some might not, Portal mods should work):

  1. Go to your "steamapps\sourcemods" folder.
  2. Copy a mod folder (for example, "portal prelude") into the Source Unpack folder.
  3. Create a copy of either HL2.cmd, or Portal.cmd, that does not matter and name it, for example, "Portal Prelude.cmd".
  4. Right click the .cmd file that you just created by copying and choose "Edit".
  5. Replace "-game hl2" or "-game portal" with "-game <your mod folder>", however note that if your mod folder contains spaces, like "portal prelude", you will need to surround <your mod folder> with double quotes, for example: -game "portal prelude".
  6. Launch the mod with the .cmd file that you just created.

Custom binds:

  • = enable draw clipbrushes.
  • - disable draw clipbrushes.
  • [ toggle showtriggers.

Need splits? Gocnak's Ghosting Mod? Get em' here: http://www.speedrun.com/hl2/resources

If any specific problems occur, contact bitrainy@gmail.com



  • Fixed bad map mixture from multiple versions.
  • Added SEDT
  • Added proper segmenting config.
  • Added better ReadMe


  • Fixed Steam not showing that you're playing either game.
  • Added Episodic Unpack to the Wiki.
  • Updated Executables.


  • Added RInput.
  • Fixed Steam DRM.
  • Added older binaries for compatibility.
  • Added SPT to Portal.
  • Added Custom binds.
  • Fixed window capture issue.


  • Added Steam DRM.
  • Updated binaries.
  • Removed "Rev" Steam Emulator.
  • Added Source Pause Tool.
  • Added Segmenting Config.
  • Updated Readme.txt.


  • Fixed d2_prison_07 and _08.


  • Fixed a bunch of HL2 maps (achievements not working).
  • Fixed HL2 models.


  • Fixed HL2 materials.
  • Fixed d2_prison_03.
  • Removed unnecessary cfgs.
  • Added README.txt.
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