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Discoverer(s) Pincus
Games Half-Life 2
Portal 2
Engine  Old Source Engine
Used in  

Stuckjumping is a glitch, used to get high jumps or gain speed by temporarely deforming the physics of an object. This trick no longer works in the OrangeBox Engine version of the game. Doing this glitch will now slay you.


In the event that a solid object passes through another solid object in the world, the game automatically tries to push the objects out of each other with tremendous force. The object continues to push until it is freed from it's faulty position. This is why you are sometimes "crushed" when accidentally clipping inside of objects while doing seemingly innocent things in the game.

To take advantage of this, it is possible to use forced animations, such as the closing of a door, the raising of a ramp, etc. to trap objects inside of the animated object, and deform both the physics of both objects. If the animated object isn't necessarily an object, such as a door, then only the regular object's physics will be deformed. When an object's physics are "deformed", it is holding large amounts of energy trying to push itself out, which can be transferred to the player when you touch it. For optimal height versus distance, it is best to duckjump into the diagonal of the object. Forces depend on both the size and shape of the object you are touching, as well as the way you touch it.

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