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Portal Inbounds speedrun in 10:47

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Run Details

Completed in: 10:47
Runner: The SourceRuns Team
Game: Portal
Type: Segmented
Scripted: No
SDA status: Waiting for approval
Download: IQ /HQ
Demos: here

This is a segmented Inbounds speedrun of Portal finished by the time of 10:47 in 51 segments, by The SourceRuns Team.
NOTE: This speedrun uses an older build of Portal (5135) since some Glitches used in this run are fixed on the current Steam version.

Run comments

This run was completed without the use of scripts, cheats, hacks, or gameplay modifications of any kind. Glitches and programming flaws are heavily abused. Some Portal gun skins were used for entertainment purposes only, but these modifications were added only after the run had been completed, for recording the demos. As such it is not possible for them to have given us any sort of advantage during gameplay. The cosmetic modifications will not appear in the SDA version of the run, if it is accepted to SDA.

We decided to use the old version of Portal (build 5135) to complete this speedrun. In the current Steam version, a game-breaking glitch has been fixed, which is disadvantageous for us as speedrunners. We used multiple methods of rolling back our version of the game to build 5135, but we want to stress that none of the methods we used to launch the game modified gameplay in any way. Any tricks you see us perform can be done by anyone with a legitimate Steam copy of build 5135 on their PC.

Please note that the final time was calculated as accurately as possible from the demo files themselves, not from the final video. Due to our editing methods and other anomalies, the video time and the run time might not match up exactly. But keep in mind that this is not in our final time’s favor -- if we cut off frames due to segment transitions, we wouldn’t cut that time off of our final time, since the demo had those “bad frames” in it anyways, and we calculated our final time using those unedited, uncut demos.

Also note that if this run is accepted to SDA, the time displayed on their website will not match our time due to differences in timing endpoints as well as the addition of segment penalties. This run was completed with pure speed as the primary goal, and as such we paid no attention to the extra segment penalties from SDA. If this run was to be optimized for SDA’s timing method, the routes would be altered slightly.

In the case of Portal, there are two main speedrunning categories. Out of Bounds runs essentially allow any glitches necessary to complete the game in the fastest possible time, while inbounds runs forbid the use of glitches or tricks where the player leaves the “intended” area of the game. This definition is a bit vague, so we’ll elaborate later.

Since out of bounds glitches weren’t discovered immediately at the game’s release, Inbounds is the original speedrunning category for Portal (see Portal Run Categories). With the release of this run, we have changed routes that are literally as old as the game itself.


The speedrun was started on 26th May, 2013 and, after several brief hiatuses for summer vacations, was finished on 22nd December, 2013.

During the making of this run, a new glitch - Large Angle Glitch has been discovered.
Notable appearance of this glitch: Chamber 19.
This glitch is also possible to perform in later maps but was not used.

Test Chambers/Routes

Chambers 00 and 01

Time was saved by:

  • General optimizations in both chambers

Chambers 02 and 03

Time was saved by:

  • Launching over the wall to grab the blue portal gun early (discovered by z1mb0bw4y/SullyJHF/Imanex)
  • A neat Save Glitch and portal shot combination to skip the elevator entirely for chamber 02 (Found by MrMonopoli)
  • General optimizations in chamber 03

Chambers 04 and 05

Time was saved by:

  • Using the Save Glitch to skip the doors in both chambers (Discovered by z1mb0bw4y/SullyJHF)

Chambers 06 and 07

Time was saved by:

  • General optimization in chamber 06
  • A new fling in chamber 07 (Discovered by z1mb0bw4y/Imanex)

Chamber 08

Time was saved by:

  • General optimization

Chamber 09

Time was saved by:

  • Adding an ABH hop between the button and the door

Chamber 10

Time was saved by:

  • Getting a more direct fling into the elevator.

Chambers 11 and 12

Time was saved by:

  • Using the triple Edge Glitch to skip the elevator to chamber 11 (found by SullyJHF/J0dmangel).
  • AFH launching off the button in chamber 12 to get up to the cube more quickly (discovered by z1mb0bw4y/SullyJHF).

Chamber 13

Time was saved by:

  • ABHing

Chamber 14

Time was saved by:

  • Reportaling onto the platform, saving fall time over the original route (discovered by Imanex/Pocky).

Chamber 15

Time was saved by:

  • Using a new method to Quantum Crouch that allows you to jump while using it (discovered by SullyJHF/CBenni/z1mb0bw4y).
  • Placing portals such that you get launched out of them while quantum crouched (discovered by YaLTeR).
  • Using quantum crouching to skip the first orb puzzle, instead of using the old seam glitch route (discovered by z1mb0bw4y).
  • Using a new fling into the final elevator (discovered by z1mb0bw4y).

Chambers 16

Time was saved by:

  • General optimizations.
  • Ignoring the turrets, instead of killing them or knocking them over (Discovered by Imanex).
  • Preserving a turret into chamber 17 via edge glitch (discovered by SullyJHF and another person).

Chamber 17

Time was saved by:

  • Using the preserved turret to skip waiting for the companion cube (discovered by Demonstrate).
  • Using save glitch to skip incinerating any objects and object surfing directly into the elevator (discovered by Gocnak/Imanex/SullyJHF/z1mb0bw4y).

Chamber 18

Time was saved by:

  • Using a new edge glitch route to skip a large section of the first half of the map, as well as the door and hallway to the 2nd half (discovered by z1mb0bw4y).
  • Launching off of a camera in the final room to skip some of the platforms, as well as some fall time. (discovered by Imanex/z1mb0bw4y).

Chamber 19

Time was saved by:

  • Using the large angle glitch to teleport from the starting room to the “acid pit room” (discovered by Imanex / SullyJHF / YaLTeR / z1mb0bw4y).
  • Using the large angle glitch to teleport from the fake chamber 09 into the final hallway (discovered by z1mb0bw4y).


Time was saved by:

  • Using a new route in the room with the two pistons that push you into the ceiling to skip a cycle and progress earlier using a roof Peek-a-Portal (discovered by Imanex).


Time was saved by:

  • Using the Clipping Glitch to bypass the long catwalk and hallway (discovered by CBenni).
  • Placing a turret from a previous area in line with all the glass panels and then making it shoot them all down. (Discovered by Imanex)


Time was saved by:

  • Overall New Route (Made by Imanex)
  • Peek a portals in hallway (Discovered by z1m)
  • Using the turret in a different fashion to shoot GLaDOS (Discovered by Imanex)
  • Edge glitch to incinerate last core faster (Discovered by Sully)

For more info and detailed descriptions, see the document here

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