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Clipping Glitch

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Clipping Glitch



Used in:

The Clipping Glitch is a glitch for Portal, that allows for OoB movement. It is unknown who found this glitch, first appearance was in a youtube video by TheRedKorsar. It works in every place where a vertical wall is portable all the way to the ceiling and a portable floor is available.

  1. Place one Portal to the wall, very close to the top (not necessarily pixel perfectly, the portal placement is very unspecific)
  2. Place the other on the floor
  3. Jump/walk into the very top of the floor portal
  4. In a very narrow timing (~0.05 seconds), shoot a portal of any color. This portal flies OoB and hits a portable wall if done correctly.

In order to shoot portals in specific locations, it may be necessary to turn to the desired direction before jumping in. To ensure the clipping glitch works properly, pressing movement buttons in the opposite direction is required. Crouching does not allow the glitch to happen. Until now, there has no comparable glitch, using other than a floor and a wall portal, been found


When jumping into the top of the Portal, the camera turns to adjust to the new orientation; during this, the arc of the flight allows the player to clip OoB (hence the name) and shoot portals OoB.


In general, the glitch can be used anywhere if a floor and a wall portal (fulfilling the requirements as seen above) are available. Thanks to its invariance, it can be used in various places in Portal, however mainly in locations where both portals can be placed at will. Examples are:

  • Chamber 15, where a clipping glitch can be placed below the final elevator when performed in the first hallway
  • Chamber 16, where again, a wall and a floor sufficing the requirements of this glitch are fulfilled
  • When starting a level from the bottom of an elevator, it can be used in most levels to get OoB when the next level loads.
  • In escape_02, after the GlaDoS fight, it allows the player to move to the cutscene locations that end Portal, that are the cake room and the parking lot.
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