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Edge Glitch

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Edge Glitch
Discoverer(s) volt
Games Portal
Engine Orangebox Engine
Used in PDP

The "Edge Glitch" is a Glitch in Portal that lets you shoot portals at the wrong positions to where you are actually standing, without going OoB and does not require a reload of a save or load unlike the Save Glitch.


Performing the Edge Glitch can be quite tricky. Let's take Chamber 18, since its the only way to get through in No OoB runs and is widely used. Place a portal on the upper right edge of the wall after falling over to the first gray platform (Blue Portal). Then place a portal on the wall a little to the left of the edge from the where the first tiles meet (Orange Portal). That wall also faces back to a opening in the wall.

Now, walk straight right and hit the wall to the right and turn two tiles to the left facing where four black tiles meet in the middle about headhight to you and slowly walk forward until the portalgun aligns to the "second platform" sign on the ground and your crosshair starts to signal a portal-able surface. When that happends, shoot a portal (Blue) and go forward a bit so you don't step over the edgeportal and get stuck in it at the wrong position. Shooting that portal will set a portal directly infront of the door at the top floor (see picture) and can is done alot faster than the "old" method of going over to the door and shooting it there and getting back to the platform.

Next you're gonna actually get stick in the "edge portal" (Orange). Walk backwards into it so you hit it straight in the middle and get eventually get stuck. When you do so, don't try to get loose, and just simply stop. Now, start looking up into the ceiling and start searching for a portable surface with your crosshair which shoud be somewhere in the lower middle to the right. If you have trouble finding it, or any other troubles try watching videos of the trick..

When you find the surface you shoot a portal you used on the ceiling surface and you will be directly teleported into the "jumpy-platform-room".

It is suggested to watch videos of the trick as its not easy learning just reading about it.


Using the edges of a portal, you can either end up on the other side of a location or see into the other location's area.

PortalEdgeGlitchExplained.png The edge glitch in chamber 18 explained.

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