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Save Glitch

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Save Glitch
Discoverer(s) Many(?)
Games Portal
Engine OrangeBox Engine
Used in Chamber 2-3 (Inbounds, OOB), Chamber 4-5 (Inbounds)

The Save Glitch is a Glitch in Portal which moves your collision and the point from where you shoot portals to a different location than your view. Simplified you can say that the Save Glitch is a permanent form of the Edge Glitch.

How To

It is performed by saving and loading while being Edge Glitched. Then you can walk away from the portal, you are now in the Save Glitched state. Your camera will only collide with certain objects, it will not collide with the ground. Instead the collision is detected from a location relative to your current position and the portals. You will have to follow a certain path to not fall through the floor. Also, you have to follow some rules if you want the Save Glitch to not be cancelled.

  • Do not walk past the portal you Save Glitched over. If you walk from the back of the portal to the front, the glitch will be cancelled.
  • If you cross the middle line of a portal (you walk from the right side of a portal to the left) you will get teleported. After this you are still Save Glitched, so it can happen several times and can result in falling OoB.
  • Shooting portals while Save Glitched does not cancel the glitch, but the place where your collision is detected gets teleported. Remember that you will not shoot portals from where you see, but from where your collision is.


After the load your camera still remains at the point where you were before. However, the point from where your portalgun shoots the portals (your "ghost body") is at the other portal. If you move your camera, your ghost body will move relative to the other portal. Also it will collide with the ground, while your camera will not. This means that you can walk through walls and doors with your camera, but you will also fall through the floor if your ghost body will loose contact with the ground. However, your camera will still collide with some objects like door frames or cube dispensers.


  • For now, if your ghost body is in OoB space your run will still be counted as no-OoB
  • It is recommended that you bind a key to save and load the game quickly and also for easy access.
  • This glitch is harder to achieve in newer Portal versions, see Source Unpack
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