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Large Angle Glitch

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Large Angle Glitch
Discoverer(s) YaLTeR & Imanex
Games Portal
Engine OrangeBox Engine

The Large Angle Glitch (LAG) is a glitch in Portal that teleports Chell not to the exit portal, but horizontally in a different direction.



This glitch only works when one portal is placed on the ceiling and the other one is placed on a slope, preferably 45 degrees. The player must be able to go through the ceiling portal.


Go through the ceiling portal with enough speed (a jump right under the portal generally does the thing). This should teleport the player instantly to a different location than the exit portal.

Places to use

LAG can be used to skip a big part of test chamber 19 on an inbounds run. Jump onto the "Chamber 19" sign and place a portal above yourself parallel to the sign and another one on the sloped panel further in the chamber. A thing to note here is that while jumping, you have to shoot a portal on a far wall so that it opens after you teleport because otherwise you will fall out of bounds. Also, you have to crouch right after teleporting, or you will be stuck in the ground.

See also

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