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Portal Bumping

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Portal Bumping
Discoverer(s) nubSawace
Games Portal
Portal 2
Engine Orangebox Engine
Source 2011
Used in PDP


The second portal can be placed on a surface that is on the same plane as another surface, despite objects, walls, or anything else between them, but only up to 32 units away from the first portal.


Place a portal (we'll use the blue portal for this one) on the side of a wall, floor or ceiling that has a portal-able surface on the same plane as this surface. There may be a thin wall, object, or any other obstacle between these surfaces (we'll use a wall for this example). Aim on the blue portal towards the edge that is facing the wall. You'll see the orange side of your crosshair light up (which means you are able to shoot an orange portal). Shoot the orange portal, and it'll come out on the other side of the wall. It's pretty simple to do. It just requires a place that you are able to do it at.

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