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Portal Standing

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Portal Standing
Discoverer(s) Many
Games Portal
Engine Orangebox Engine
Used in PDP

Portal Standing is a trick where you can stand in between portals and use them as a ledge to stand on, while still moving by shooting more portals.


Basically, when you are in between 2 portals, and shoot the portal color of the opposite side you are on (say you are standing on the blue side, and then shoot an orange portal), you have to move toward the other side (orange side) right after it hits the wall, to be able to stay in between portals, and, to be able to shoot the next portal, be completely on that side (orange side to shoot the blue). Continue doing this, and you can stay in the portals. It works best if you are crouching, because when you shoot the next portal, the game tries to push you out of the portal you are standing in; although, it can be done standing up.

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