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Run Details

Completed in: 1:27:51
Runner: SourceRuns Team
Game: Half-Life 2
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Segmented
Scripted: Yes
SDA status: Not submittable (use of scripts)
Download: HQ Torrent, IQ Direct, IQ Torrent
Demos: dl.sourceruns.org

DWaHMoV (Done With a High Magnitude of Velocity) is a speedrun of Half-Life 2 in the time of 1:27:51, done in 200 segments, finished in June 27, 2013. The speedrun uses the OrangeBox Engine version of the game, which has glitches like ABHing that allow to complete the game a lot faster compared to Source Engine 2004.

Note: DWaHMoV was run before the 26th June 2013 Steampipe update. Whilst more of the tricks and glitches still work, there are a few instances that may be faster or slower than the current build.


In 2010, Valve updated the game to use the OrangeBox Engine. It brought many new glitches and fixes to the game.
In October 23rd, 2011 turreu uploaded a speedrun of Canals using this new version and new glitches. Several days later, a Phase 1 of Half-Life 2 Re-Run has been started.



Q.) OK, why's he moving backwards so fast? I can't see anything!

This is Accelerated Back Hopping, or "ABH" for short. Take a running start, jump, hold crouch, look backwards, and keep jumping. Enjoy the view, because you're gonna see a lot more of this. And no, the runner can't see anything either.

Q.) But how do you know where you're going? I can't even find my own bed looking forwards.

We don't. We just do something and hope we get lucky. Actually no, we just have a sense of time which makes us know when to do something. We also use patterns on the floor to judge where we are, although in some cases we do actually rely on dumb luck.

Q.) How'd he managed to gain speed so fast though? When I try it, it takes time for me to accelerate.

The runner ABHed under a low clipbrush/object. ABH gains speed every time you hit the ground again. The low clipbrush reduced the jump height, making the runner hit the ground more often, thus gain speed quicker, and produced a "Supercharged" ABH.

Q.) Alright, this doesn't look like Earth's gravity. No man can jump that high.

Gordon isn't just a man, he's Gordon. The runner simply hit an object with the wondrous speed of ABH. Momentum still applied to Gordon here, and the sloped surface of the trashcan plus the speed of his ABH sent him flying over the gate. This trick is called Collision Boosting; if you hit a sloped object while traveling at huge speed, it will simply send you flying to another direction. The trash can is sloped upwards, so if he hits it - he'll get an high jump.. Get ready, you will see much more of these soon!

Q.) How'd he get a small hop!?

Gordon is holding an object while ABHing, and slams the object down, wedging the object under him, producing a small hop, which allowed him to turn the corner slower and easier.

Q.) Why do you climb over the civilians? That must really hurt them. Why can't you wait for your turn?

This is a speedrun. Waiting for our turn would be too slow. Also, we hit specific triggers too fast in succesion, which makes these civilians not wanting to move. Even if we did wait, the civilians still wouldn't move.

Q.) How did the guard Teleport to the end of the hallway? I know the combine invented teleportation and all but this is just impossible.

Gordon invented his own teleportation method, way faster than Combine's; by slamming an object into an NPC while it's in path mode, the NPC loses all track of time and space and teleports. Take a look at the tricks explanation.


Q.) Wait, isn't there supposed to be a guard who blocks you and asks you to clean up his rubbish? I don't see him anywhere.

Combine Soldiers aren't the best paid in City 17. That guard in particular was set by the game to arrive at Point A, and (attempt to) block Gordon by making him pick up some litter. But since Gordon is a physics-defying Physician, Gordon arrives to Point A so fast, it's at the same time the guard reaches Point A, making the game confused. The game then nulls the guard, allowing Gordon a free pass, and with Gordon's speed, he goes flying through. Poor guard didn't see it coming. If you look closely, you can see the guard just stand there. Fun fact: this actually made the guard invisible. But his invisibility was lost because of demo playback inconsistencies.

Q.) How did Gordon get over that fence?

Just like the fence on the previous map. But instead of using a trashcan gordon used a wooden pallette placed against the wall to launch him high enough to clear the fence. These won't be the last ABH launches you see in the run.

Q.) More of that backwards jumping. Are you going to do the entire run like this?

Most of it, yes. But hey, now you get to see the stuff that's usually behind you. It's a different perspective.


Q.) How did Gordon make it past that security guard on the stairs?

Gordon simply jumped onto the radiator to the right of the guard, and hopped off the guard's head. That guard certainly won't get the promotion he's been working for.


Q.)How come he was knocked down in one hit? It always takes me two

Throwing the box at the guard angers him and makes him give the KO blow early.


Q.) Gordon has the ability to both defy gravity and lift his own weight? What!?

What else could you expect from a theoretical physicist?
The trick is called "Wallclimbing" and is explained under the tricks text.

Q.) How did he break that plank?'

I don't remember Gordon using fists in this game! Gordon just smashed his face into the plank while going at the speed of light, making it break and clear Gordon's path.


Q.) Does Gordon have super strong legs to be able to land such a big distance without hurting himself?

Actually, Gordon lands on a sloped surface which cancels the fall damage and lets you land without dying/taking damage.

Q.) What!? How come you're walking in mid-air?

This game is full of invisible walls and ceilings, to stop Gordon from going places. But because nothing can stop Gordon, they just turn into invisible floors instead, so it looks like Gordon is walking in mid-air.


Q.) He did it again! He used his arms to break the bars!

Gordon doesn't have arms in this game, only hands that hold his weapon. The gates are scripted to open up once 4 of the 5 barrels explode.

Q.) Ok now that clearly is NOT an airplane. How can Gordon fly on the crate like that?

Have you ever considered that there might be an airplane inside the crate?
This glitch is called Flying and is explained under the tricks text.


Q.) Did he just do.. a DOUBLE JUMP?

Kind of. Yet again, it's the exploiting of Combine's stupid technology (cheap plastic). What he did is simply jumped on a manhack and then did a jump from it to the tunnel.


Q.) After that big jump over the dam he lands right through a rock. Airboat noclip anyone?

First of all, there is no such thing as "airboat noclip". Second, the rock isn't solid, as it is beyond the load trigger that you normally aren't expected to pass.


Q.) And now he's driving backwards. Is this some special airboat trick?

Gordon is a very impatient man. Turning around just takes too much time.

Q.) How did he open the big doors without going into the building? What did he even shoot at, I couldn't see anything!

Gordon fired a warning shot. It scares to combine soldiers in the building, and they just decided to let Gordon through (they're also not the best paid). What Gordon really did though; he shot an explosive barrel that you'd normally have to walk to, but it can be hit from far away. Gordon is not only a physicist, he's also an excellent marksman.

Q.) Wait.. You're not supposed to go over that building! How did he manage to get such a big jump?

Why not? Jumping over things is much cooler than going the normal way. Gordon simply hit a pole which gave him some vertical velocity and produced the jump. The top of the fence he lands on is a bit round, and that's enough for it to work as a ramp for another jump. Going over the building saves us some time than going the normal way.


Q.) Hang on, the gate didn't close. What's going on?

As said before (and I'll gladly repeat it again), Combine aren't the best paid soldiers, so perhaps the guard just didnt see Gordon when he was hiding behind the airboat. Also, the trick is called Enterclipping.


Q.) Gotcha! How are you going to explain your secret noclip attempt through the gate? Yes, we all know you cheat!

This is the same trick, Enterclipping, not only you can go through triggers, but it also allows you to clip through walls while exiting/entering the airboat.

Q.) I believed you last time, but this is just impossible! How did you get such a big jump?

You can't even jump this high when you're on the moon. Last time Gordon didn't have that much speed, but now he does, and that lets him perform even higher jumps. Better get ready, you'll see a lot more very soon!



I told you to get ready! Better go back to watching, or else you'll miss even more!


Q.) Why did you throw every single item on the board off the map? What are you, obsessive compulsive?

No way. What I was doing was getting rid of anything Dog will get distracted by when I took his toy away. If you take away his toy of the moment, he immediately finds something else on the map to throw around. If he has nothing else to distract himself with, you're able to throw the only toy left on the map to wherever you want, and get Dog to follow. Once the time limit was almost up, I grabbed the toy Dog was playing with and threw it near the dumpster, so when he had to run to the dumpster on the next part he wouldn't have far to go. I'm smart like that. Also, I did it so the voices would stop bugging me.


Q.) Woah! How did you launch across the map on that box and how did you survive?

When we jump on the box we get stuck on it, we keep jumping on it which allows us to increase our speed on the box while not moving. Eventually we launch off the box with all the speed we've gained, thus allowing us to launch accross the map. We survived because the surface we land on is the same height as the surface we launched from. The trick is called Stucklaunching.


Q.) How did that crawling zombie near the door not kill you? I heard it hit you, god mode much!

We jump when the zombie goes to hit us and since it's a crawler zombie it's unabble to reach us in mid air. That sound you heard was the zombie hitting the wall next to us


Q.) What the...!? You blew up a grenade right in front of your face. What's wrong with you?

Luckily, Gordon's HEV suit protects him from explosions, so he just used the shockwave to send himself flying throughout the map. The trick is called Damage Boosting.

Q.) How did he survive the fall though? Did the HEV suit protect him from fall damage as well?

Nah, Gordon would've died. Luckily, he grabbed the medkits on the table right before landing, and used the new health for fall damage.


Q.) How did he fall all the way down that mine shaft without losing health?

He took a barrel and tilted it so it works like a slope and Gordon was just able to surf off of it, gradually slowing down his falling speed and surviving the fall.


Q.) What!? How did you fly across the ocean like that?

Gordon's speed, combined with hitting the railing, provides a jump just high enough to fly across the ocean.


Q.) Why did you stop here? Wouldn't it be faster to fly all across the map?

Gordon needs the RPG in order to beat the Nova Prospekt Gunships, and this is the last instance for him to pick it up.


Q.) Okay.. I don't see any sloped surface around. How did he survive the jump?

The trick is called Edgebug, and is described in the Tricks text.


Q.) Where's he going? Why's he going back?

In order to get down from the cliff, Gordon has to head all the way to the edge of the map. The problem is this is further than the trigger that sends him to the next map


Q.) Why are you wasting rockets like that? You just shoot them in the sky like they're disposable dinner plates.

Gordon didn't 'just' fire them in the sky. You see, behind that building is the actual gunship, and he does some blind shots by guiding the rocket around the corner at the right time.


Q.) Did he just get a boost from a radiator by punting it with a Gravity Gun?

Correct! The trick is called Gravity Jumping.


Q.) WTF? How did you hit the button? You clearly noclipped through the ceiling.

This is actually a trick called Schrodinger's Crouch.


Q.) It looks like the elevator opened up a little bit early. The Combine have been expecting you?

Yes, I'm surprised that they made it in-time to their checkpoints. Anyway, Gordon hit the trigger early, because he was standing on the highest point in the elevator, making the doors open a bit earlier.


Q.) Gordon is such a pussy. All he does is either hide or run away.

Sorry about that, but Gordon had a tough day, and we thought he just needed some time to rest and draw peacefully. He has to wait for Alyx to come anyways, so no harm done.

Q.) ...seriously? -_-


Q.) Oh.



Q.) That jump from the broken catwalk looked like Stucklaunching, but he just started going upwards. What was that?

That was a Stucklaunch indeed. The catwalk was sloped, so he just did a Stucklaunch from the catwalk combined with a Gravity Jump to gain more height. Then he hits a pillar behind his back, and that cancels all of his horizontal speed, so only vertical speed remains.

Q.) Why didn't he jump straight to the blue doors in the first place?

There's a trigger on top of that catwalk, and it needs to be hit. Only then the doors will open.


Q.) How did he survive the fall from the plug?
It didn't look like an Edgebug or anything..

That was just a simple abuse of the plug's sloped surface.

Q.) Okay, at first there was you going through walls, but now the box? box noclip anyone?

City 17 is a cheap-ass city. They didn't put enough money into the fence, so it just lets stuff to go through it. Actually, the fence is not solid for objects, so they can just go through.


Q.) As much as I would like to shout noclip here, I'm just going to ask nicely first; was that Schrodinger's Crouch again?

Yes, that was Schrodinger's Crouch. Gordon was able to disable the first generator before even going into the Nexus. You didn't expect that, Combine, did you? Haha, suckers.

Q.) How Orbs and tables are linked to getting a high jump?

The trick is called Orb Jumping.


Q.) Is he tired again? Why is he waiting?

There are two triggers that need to be hit. One spawns Dog and Barney, and another spawns the combine. To make Dog open the barrier, all the combine need to be dead. However, the trigger that spawns the combine never actually spawn the combine unless the correct striders are destroyed. The combine are able to be killed early, but in the event that you refuse to do anything, they have a set amount of time to live before Dog takes care of them himself. If you hit the combine trigger and wait around this amount of time (approximately 9-10 seconds), then hit the trigger that spawns Dog, the combine timer has already ended and Dog assumes them to be dead. He will then open the barrier, effectively skipping the strider battle.


Q.) It looks like he's doing something, but I can't see what. What is it?

The trigger to the map change is above us, so we need to jump from the box in order to hit it. However, if we do only that, we'll spawn stuck in a Combine Pod. That's a very clever technique they've thought of to capture us. We can avoid that by holding an object with the gravity gun. What we do is jump to the trigger from the box, and then quickly grab it with the Gravity Gun just before we hit the loading trigger.


Q.) How do you get to keep your weapons? Mine always get fizzled.

Gordon is one sneaky bastard, always managing to bypass the rules and the system. If you stand close enough to a forcefield, you'll be able to get most of your weapons back into your inventory.


Q.) Why did he enter that pod there? Why did he enter a pod at all?

Obviously, the pod he entered is closer to his destination. Also, Gordon got tired of playing games and he just thought he'd like to see Dr. Breen eye to eye.


Q.) It always takes me a lot of Orbs to damage the reactor. However, you do it with only 3 orbs. What the hell?

It takes only 3 orbs to kill breen, provided that you throw them directly into the core.

Q.) Wait, what is that Gunship doing over there? Wait... WHAT!?

Whoops! It seems like Gordon triggered the Gunship to spawn right after it was told to die, making it stay alive. Alyx doesn't make the best sheild either.

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