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Portable ABH

Stucklaunching (or Portable ABH Launching) is a trick that allows you to launch yourself at high speeds and heights without having any space to accelerate. This trick is mostly useful in segmented speedruns, because it's very unlikely that you'll get a good launch from the first try.


If you jump on a tilted object with the right angle, you're able to jump on it a lot of times while being "stuck" on it. This will get you a lot of speed either due to ABH or bunnyhopping and once you get unstuck, you'll get launched out with a high velocity. The more jumps you do, the bigger the launch will be.


Simply drop an object so it lies down as a slope and then try your luck by jumping into it.
You can also punt the object with the Gravity Gun to gain height significantly as you're about to get a launch.

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