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Orb Jumping

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Orb Jumping
Discoverer(s) suga
Games Half-Life 2
Engine Source Engine
OrangeBox Engine
Used in HL2DQ

Orb Jumping is a trick which uses the force of a collision between an object and an energy orb to dramatically increase player velocity.

Although orbjumping has been known throught the HL2DM community for some time, this specific single-player rendition of a jump using energy orbs was first performed by suga, as inspired by a video called "Josh2High".


The method involves first standing on a part of an object, where ideally the part of the object has small surface area but the object itself is large and heavy. Grab an energy orb with the gravity gun, and fire it at the object in such a way that the part of the object you are standing on is launched in the intended direction.

You are also able to get a decent boost off of an enemy elite's energy orb, if you collide with it at the right angle.

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