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Damage Boosting

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Damage Boosting

Damage Boosting is a trick where you can dramatically increase your velocity and/or height with the power of explosive weapons/objects.


Shockwave sends stuff flying through the air, including Gordon.


Take out any explosive weapon, and fire it at the ground or wall while running/jumping in the intended direction. If it is a grenade, make sure it is behind or below you, and wait until it explodes before moving away from it for maximum effect. In GoldSrc games you can also press and hold grenade's primary fire and release it after a certain time has passed. That way, you will instantly get a boost the any direction you want as soon as you release the button.
Tip: To achieve the best height/speed using the trick, make sure you're in midair when making the boost (and crouching in GoldSrc).

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