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Brute Launching

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Brute Launching

Brute Launching is a glitch/trick where a player gets stuck into an object and then gets launched vertically/horizontally.

Explanation and How-to

If you get stuck into a certain object, it is believed that the player model is fighting to release itself from this adhesive force in the general direction of the velocity it was previously travelling in. When it is finally freed, it's fight with the board has amplified it's previous velocity.


Get stuck into a tripmine or snark. Once you're stuck in the object, you can do several Gauss Boosts, although you wont move from them. When the tripmine/snark explodes, you'll get freed and the combined power of your Gauss Boosts will be applied, resulting a huge velocity launch.

Source Engine

When Flying/Wallclimbing with an object, if you collide into a surface such that the bottom of the object is pressed up against the surface, there is a chance that for a short period of time both player and object will be stuck in that position without falling. In this position, the player is keeping the board against the wall, but some as of yet unknown dynamic is holding the player to the board/wall. The trick is very random, but you might get it when trying to wallclimb using an object that's laying on a weird angle.

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