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Gauss Boosting

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Gauss Boosting
Discoverer(s) Many
Games Half-Life
Adrenaline Gamer
Engine Goldsrc
Used in Half Hour Half-Life

Gauss Boosting is a simple trick that lets you easily gain speed by using the recoil of the gauss cannon.


Simply charge the gauss, turn around, jump and while in midair - fire. The recoil will give you a boost to the opposite direction you are looking at. You can also use a script for optimal and fast boost, without having to turn around.

Using this trick it's very easy to gain tons of speed. The only downside is that it can consume a lot of gauss ammo quickly.


  • This trick is also widely used in Multiplayer.
  • In Multiplayer, you can boost yourself both horizontally and vertically, while in Singleplayer you can only get horizontal boosts.
  • Using BunnyMod Pro feature, you can see how much speed you'll have after the boost.
  • In the leaked Half Life 2 beta, the Tau Cannon was available, with Guass-boosting intact
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