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Writing an article

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If you want to write an article on this wiki, you'll have to stick to this wiki's style and formatting. This guide will attempt to cover most of the questions related to that.


The little boxes on the right you see on some articles are called Infoboxes. They're used to provide some additional info about the article you're reading. Currently we have set up these infoboxes:


In this wiki you can write articles about maps, tricks/glitches, speedruns and any other speedrun-related articles such as Guides or various uses of game-mechanics.
For glitch/trick articles we have sub-categories for each game engine:

Good article about game-mechanics: FPS Effects

Linking to other pages

When writing an article, you can make links to specific articles by using these tags: [[name]] (replace "name" with page name).


Map pages must contain both segmented and Single-Segment (if any) speedrun routes and/or strats. If there's an exclusive trick/event in the map - explain how it's done too. A map article must start with a brief description of it. You may also want to use the map infobox for additional info.
Once you're done with the description, you can start writing the routes. To do that, open a section using a tag: ==Route==. Use a separate section for each speedrun category - Inbounds routes, OoB routes, single-segment strats and so on.. You can create a sub-category using 3 equals signs instead of two. Use them to explain a certain trick in your route or to describe alternate routes. You can upload pictures to describe the route better.
Good map articles: c1a0e, d1_trainstation_01, d2_coast_07.


Same formatting applies for trick pages, as well as the other category pages: start off with a brief description and provide info where the trick could be used. Trick articles must have detailed explanations and how-to's on trick executions. You may also include pictures of graphs or stats if there are any.
Good trick articles: Accelerated Back Hopping, Flying.

Setting Categories

Every page must be categorized. To do that, simply add a link to a category at the end of the article, like so:

[[Category: Map]]
[[Category: Half-Life]]

This means that the article is about a map from Half-Life.

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