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Template:Run Info

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Run Details

Completed in: {{{time}}}


{{Run Info
 |runner(or runners)=
 |misc details


Aside from the first two, all are optional.

video: YouTube video ID. Required.

time: Run completion time. Required.

image: you can embed an image to be shown up the top of the infobox. 270px wide

game: The game.

difficulty: Self-explanatory

type: The type of run (i.e. Single segment)

scripted: Were scripted used?

runner/runners: The runner, or list of runners

download: Download link for video

demos: Download link for demo recordings

sda: SDA page for run

sdastatus: SDA statud of the run (i.e. Accepted)

archive: Archive.org page for run

misc details (Null1): Any other quick information (Use the rest of the page for more detailed information)

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