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Discoverer(s) coolkid/Many
Games Half-Life
Engine Goldsrc

Quickgauss is a Glitch similar to Fastfire. It allows the player to shoot fully-charged gauss shots at a very fast rate and minimum ammo consumption.
Using this glitch, you can fire the secondary gauss attack shot and get ~1000 ups by just consuming 1 ammo cell.
Quickgauss would be useful in tight hallways with a lot of turns where you'd lose speed by airstrafing or used as a quick speed gaining method.

Explanations and How-to

Quickgauss and regular gauss comparison chart.

Start charging gauss and after ~0.5s of charging, save the game. Reload the save and fire gauss. You'll do a fully-charged shot even when you didn't fully charge it.
This glitch can also be used with level transitions, as reloading saves is not useful for Single-Segment runs at all.
A possible explanation for this trick is that the game forgets gauss' charging state when you reload the save, so it assumes that gauss is already fully charged.


  • For now, this trick only works with WON and current Steam versions.
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