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Fastfire glitch demonstrated at 0:50
Discoverer(s) quadrazid
Games Half-Life
Engine GoldSrc
Used in HL21

Fastfire is a glitch which allows to fire any weapon without waiting for it to cool down. This glitch is especially useful for Nihilanth battle in a segmented speedrun.

Explanation and how-to

When you fire, you're able to quickly change the weapon using a bind or last inventory weapon button. However, switching to another weapon takes some time.

If you save the game and load that save right after switching, the switching animation will be lost, allowing you to fire the weapon as soon as you load the game. Using this advantage, you can switch back and forth without waiting for the weapon to cool-down and fire its rounds really quickly. You can also spam various explosive weapons if you want to deal as much damage in a short period of time.

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