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Landing methods

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After acquiring a massive altitude, for example because of Collision Boosting or Flying, one of the most difficult parts is landing on the floor without dying or losing huge amounts of health. This article will give a list of landing methods.


Landing in puddles of water, no matter how shallow, will always break your fall and cancel any falldamage.

Steep surfaces

Catching yourself on a steep surface, like a cliff or a mountain, will cause you to gradually lose speed as you slide down the surface. If the surface is large enough, it will cancel out most or even all of your falldamage.

You can also land between two pieces of sloped terrain that are too close together for player to pass through and hit the floor. There are some spots that you can fall between if they're tight enough that restrict all movement but ducking until you eventually slide free, but that also manage to remove all fall damage no matter what the height.


If there's a ladder near the ground you can use it to get rid of any vertical velocity you have.

  • In GoldSrc, simply airstrafe to the ladder and touch them.
  • In Source, get near the ladder and press your use key to get yourself into Climbing mode.


You can use some of the tricks/glitches to survive the fall.

GoldSrc Engine

Source Engine

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