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Gravity Flying

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Gravity Flying
Discoverer(s) Max]I[muS-X
Games Half-Life 2
Engine Source Engine
OrangeBox Engine
Used in HL2DQ

Gravity Flying is a trick that lets you fly by using objects held with the gravity gun to simulate Flying using alternate methods.

Explanations and How-to

So far this has only been done with one object, but there are others which potentially can achieve the same result. The object which was used was the holding container for prisoners in the citadel, found hanging high above at the beginning of d3_citadel_03 and able to be grabbed with the super gravity gun. If you lay it on it's back, stand a little away from it on the end that resembles pincers, and grab it with the gravity gun, you will find that the distance the object is held away from you is far too short on this end of the object. It cannot penetrate you, so it scrambles wildly around your body as you continue to hold it, trying to find a stable place to rest (inside of you), and finding none.

It is very random, but it is possible to lower the object below you as it is doing this, and if you are lucky, it will be twisted below you in such a way that it's movements pull itself up. This action combined with very fast and repetitive jumping allow for essentially the same concept as flying, but far more limited. Because the object is constantly trying to adjust it's position while beneath you, you do not automatically let go of the object even though you are occasionally standing on it, as you normally would. It's benefits are that it is able to climb in a straight line, and at a faster rate than normal climbing with an object.

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