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Portal Done Pro-er

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Run Details

Completed in: 8:31.93
Game: Portal
Type: Segmented
SDA status: Accepted
View on: SDA


  • Z1mb0bw4y
  • Inexistence
  • Gocnak
  • Xebaz

Details: Completed in 24 segments.


Portal Done Pro, a speedrun by SourceRuns runner DemonStrate was the predecessor of PDPr. Portal Done Pro was completed in a time of 9:25.567, and in 22 segments. Work began in September of 2008, and finished in July of 2010.

DemonStrate had used an assisting third-party program ("AutoHotKey") to automatically press "Space" in order to ease the processes of ABHing and other jumping tasks. At the time of the run's submission, SDA was going under a rule change in terms of whether using scripts to aid in speedruns were legal or not. Although the run was completed before the SDA change of rules, the run wasn't technically "submitted" in time before the scripting rule changed, due to lack of runner comments on the run. The run was therefore rejected, and deemed "Not SDA Legal."

Fast forwarding to May of 2012, Z1mb0bw4y and Mr. Carter were messing around in test chamber 06 when a major skip was found using the provided radio in the map. Along with this new discovery, and recently discovered Clipping glitch, the concept of Portal Done Pro-er was born. Z1mb0bw4y decided to start a re-run of Portal, but this time using no third-party program or script, to make the run "SDA Legal."


Z1mb0bw4y completed the first segment of PDPr in April of 2012. He, along with Inexistence, started to churn out more segments as time went on. The first new major time saver was right after Z1m had picked up the blue gun; a PQR back in bounds.

Eventually, Gocnak was gifted Portal and started work on the run as well. His first segment introduced a 3 second time saver on testchambers 11 and 12. Together, they all continued to show GLaDOS who the boss was, successfully killing her in only 8 minutes and 31 seconds.

But there was still one segment left. That's when Xebaz, another fellow Swedish SourceRunner, asked for the last segment of the run which was getting the cake. He set the cube up for the special ending on July 7, 2012, and thus, the run was completed.

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