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Source Engine Demo Tool

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Source Engine Demo Tool
Developer(s) CBenni Traderain
Released April 17, 2012
Latest version 2.1
OS Microsoft Windows
Type Tool
Download here

Source Engine Demo Tool (SEDT) is an application created by a SourceRuns member CBenni. SEDT is a handy tool that provides the ability for speedrunners to automatically rename demos to a specified format and avoid accidental overwriting.
As of version 2.0, the ability to parse demo time, player name and map has been added. The time parser allows you to see the true time of your demo if it was ended by a map change (demos like that have a broken time).


  • Create demo names via a format specifier.
  • Unique demo names - no file gets overwritten
  • Logging (for debug purposes)
  • GUI
  • Format specifiers for map, player name, and time! Save your successful demos in the sourceruns naming scheme

Upcoming Features

SEDT ep.1 is currently in development, completely revamping the GUI and adding support for whole speedrunning projects, in order to ease communication and recording for all team members. It will allow the creator of the run to place the project files into some network folder that is accessible by all team members (for example, a shared dropbox folder) in order to sync up the best demos available. Currently working on deleting corrupted frames and save flag.



Download and extract the .zip archive to any folder. In some cases it is necessary to download the newest version of the .Net4.0 redistutable from Microsoft.


On first start, execute SEDTOptions.exe (SEDT.exe redirects the user to SEDTOptions automatically). Configure SEDT using the input forms. There are help messages in the right gray box of the window to ease setup. Save and return to the SEDT main app.


Enter a recording name and if configured correctly, SEDT should start generationg demo names. If not, SEDT will most likely crash (try avoiding this, not provoking it).

To use the demo analyzer tool, click the dedicated button; Select as many demos as you wish and SEDT will present additional information about the selected demos. It is even possible to save the demos as demos recorded by the selected profile.

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