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  • Your name?
    • Hambalkó Bence
  • Your occupation/job/studies?
    • Studying Computer Games Programming
  • Your hobbies?
    • Watching e-sports, speedruns, guitar, learning German,Rowing
  • Generic online handle?
    • Traderain
  • Your music taste?
    • Mostly anything.
  • Your nickname (story behind it)?
    • Its a long story.
  • Your config?
    • I copied Rama's :P
  • Computer Specs?
    • Average.
  • First contact to speedrunning?
    • When csgo released and i started KZ I started watching stuff about jumps.
  • Favourtie speedruns from yourself?
    • Not yet.
  • Favourite speedruns from others?
    • Hl21.
  • Favourite player?
    • Quadrazid. V
  • Favourite trick?
    • Stucklaunch.
  • Most annoying monster/map?
    • Monster: Alyx Vance Map: Every
  • What other games do you like?
    • Cod2 and sc2 and maybe csgo nowadays.
  • Anything else you want to add here? Nope, this is good like this.
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