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Mission Improbable

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Mission Improbable
Developer(s) insta
Released May 30, 2010
Game Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Fastest Time 4:32;
2:56 (old version)
Download ModDB

Mission Improbable is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. In it, Gordon Freeman is tasked with reactivating a Resistance listening post, which naturally doesn't go quite as intended. Current world record is 4:32 by eXeC and YaLTeR, ran on the most recent version of the mod, and 2:56 by eXeC and igge, ran on the old version of the mod.


Since there is an updated version of the mod which is slightly different, each old and new versions have their own routes.

mimp1 (old version)

Fastest time: 15 seconds (not counting the intro).

mimp1 (new version)

Fastest time: 9,96 seconds (not counting the intro).
Right after getting off the boat, stucklaunch from the box laying on the ground. It should give you a decent speed boost, if done right. After that, you should have enough speed to fly back to the beach without dying. Hit a slope to get some height and get on top of the road. After that, ABH straight forward into the next map.


Fastest time: 30,255 seconds.
This map is straight forward, except one trick you might want to do, to complete it faster: Right after getting the Gravity Gun, you can make a jump and then suddenly grab some prop. It'll touch your legs and you'll get a bit of height, from which you can get onto the catwalk and proceed further - it's like making a double jump. After that, the map is all straight forward. You might want to start ABHing to gain some speed for a big skip on the next map, though.

mimp2 (old version)

Fastest time: 158 seconds (2 minutes and 38 seconds).

mimp2 (new version)

Fastest time: 200,88 seconds (3 minutes and 20,88 seconds).


If you gained some speed from the previous map, you can just use it to collision boost across the river in the first part of this map. After that you proceed through the map normally, until you are in front of the rebel base entrance.

Rebel base

Here you can use ABHing and collision boost off of the green car to fly all the way to the right edge of the barricade, where there is a hole in clipbrushes, through which you can fall into the rebel base. Please note, that this way you don't hit the trigger that spawns all the NPCs on the base, and if you don't hit that trigger after that, you won't be able to proceed further (the game will 'softlock'). In order to hit that trigger you will need to wallclimb over the barricade in that spot where there is a hole in clipbrushes (can be done with a barrel), then hit the spawning trigger (it will also open the gate on the intended entrance) and get back to the base. It is required to note that even though the gate opens, the clipbrush in that gate does not open, which means that you can't return to the base through that gate. The easiest thing to do here is to grab the object that you used to wallclimb with from the other side using the Gravity Gun (you can grab objects through the gate, even though you can't pass through it yourself), and wallclimb over the barricade again. All that is best to be done during the old disabled guy's speech (the speech is quite long and you can easily do everything you need while it happens).

The underground

After the rebel base sequence, you proceed through the map as intended, until a place, where you need to get ontop of the pipes and climb through the vent. Here, you can wallclimb onto the pipes using the conveniently placed wooden box and then ABH through the vent.
When you drop down from the vent, you can collision boost over the planks that you need to normally break. Proceed through the rooms filled with zombies and barnacles and grab the battery. Then you can throw the battery in front of you and ABH around the corner, getting speed from the goo ABH, grabbing the battery in mid-air, so that it follows you and you don't drop it. When you approach and climb up the ladder with the battery in your Gravity Gun, you can use that battery to jump over the planks without needing to break them. After plugging in the battery and going around the wall, you can start ABHing. With the right timing, you can hit the pipes on the wall where combine go down the steps and curve around them, flying out of the underground. You can also duckjump from the headcrab just before the long tunnel, that way you have enough height to fly over the trigger that spawns the combine.


If you have enough speed from the underground, you can collision boost from the terrain and fly all the way to the elevator at the end, where you might want to grab the supply box that lies way below on the ground with the Gravity Gun (it is just enough distance to grab the box), so you can use that box to skip a major part of the next map.


Fastest time: 149,925 seconds (2 minutes and 29,925 seconds) - INCLUDING outro.
A huge portion of this map can be skipped by flying, if you keep some object from the previous map to fly on, like a supply box. You can start flying on the first platform where you need to go down, then, when you gain a bit of height (by wallclimbing), fly all the way across the gap to the wall on the other side of the room, from where you can continue wallclimbing up until you are on the platform, which is the ceiling of the room, in which you would end up if you do the map using the intended route. From that platform you can do a damage boost to gain some starting speed and ABH all the way to the end of the map, where the outro sequence starts. As soon as you hit the trigger, the outro sequence starts, even if you died from fall damage.

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