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Acute Angle Glitch

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Acute Angle Glitch
Games Portal
Engine OrangeBox Engine

The Acute Angle Glitch (AAG) is a glitch in Portal that teleports Chell not to the exit portal, but horizontally and or vertically in a different direction.



This glitch only works when one portal is placed on the floor and the other one is placed on a slope, preferably 190-210 degrees. The player must be able to go through the slope portal.


Go through the slope portal. This should teleport the player instantly to a different location than the exit portal.

Places to use

AAG can be used to skip a small part of escape 01 on an inbounds run. When the player reach the rocket turret room, they can portal bump into the turret area, then place one portal in front of the pane of glass (on the floor), and one to the left or right of the glass (on the sloped surface). They then enter the sloped portal and they will be teleported past the glass.

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