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CVAR Type serverside
Game OrangeBox Engine games
Default value 1
Cheat? Yes

host_timescale defines the game speed. This CVAR requires sv_cheats to be 1, so that means it's a cheat.

host_timescale is mostly used to play the game in slow-motion. This allows the players to do things quicker or things that are hard to do in real-time.


Simply change the value to change the game speed.
host_timescale 1 - realtime
host_timescale 5 - 5x game speed
host_timescale 0.6 - lowest value where AHK still works for ABHing or Bunnyhopping (Note: the Source Pause Tool can go even lower).
host_timescale 0.5 - ½x game speed


  • Speedruns using this CVAR are called TSA (TimeScale Assisted) runs. Since this CVAR is a cheat, they're not legitimate, but they're sometimes done for viewing pleasure.
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