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CVAR Type serverside
Game OrangeBox Engine games
Default value 0

sv_cheats is a CVAR used to enable cheat console commands. It also gives you access to commmands that would normally be abused or misused by players. The default value is 0.

You may use sv_cheats and it's commands only to test something, but not while speedrunning takes place. Otherwise, the run won't be legit.

In GoldSrc, you need to reload the map/save in order to make the CVAR work.


  • god - "God Mode": Player becomes invincible. Type again to turn off.
  • impulse 101 - Equip the player with a full loadout of equipment.
  • give <entity name> - Give the player the item, weapon, entity or asset stated.
  • noclip - Toggle the player collision with the environment and other objects. Allows the player to fly through walls, etc. Type again to turn off.
  • notarget - Toggle NPC detection of the player. The player will still activate trigger entities, etc. Type again to turn off.
  • Other commands that do not work without sv_cheats 1 (console usually prints a message if it requires the CVAR, if it's disabled).
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