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Half-Life Scripts/WON

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MAIN PAGE - Half-Life Scripts

This page stores most of the scripts used in WON versions of the game. See Game versions.

Make sure you have fps_max 83.333 while using these scripts, otherwise they'll not work as designed, i. e. bunnyhop script will make inconsistent jumps.

Bunnyhopping script

//bhop loop
alias +bh1 "alias name bhop;bhop"
alias -bh1 "alias name"
alias bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name"
bind space +bh1

Hold down space to jump automatically.

Duckroll script

alias +dr1 "alias name duckroll;duckroll"
alias -dr1 "alias name"
alias duckroll "+duck;wait;-duck;cmd name"

Usage: bind <key> +dr1

Usespam script

alias +usespam "alias name usespam;usespam"
alias -usespam "alias name"
alias usespam "+use;wait;-use;wait;cmd name"

Usage: bind <key> +usespam

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