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HL 4545

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Run Details

Completed in: 45:45
Runner: RandomEngy
Game: Half-Life
Difficulty: Hard
Type: Segmented
Scripted: No?
Download: HQ
Demos: archive.org
View onArchive.org

A segmented speedrun of Half-Life by RandomEngy, completed in the time of 45:45 on Hard difficulty in 21 segments. It was done on version, demos available to download above. This speedrun was released in June 21, 2004. Time includes a half second penalty applied by SDA for each demo recording beyond the first, because the engine skips a little bit on each load, and to discourage large amounts of demos.

Author's comments

First off, I have to give credit to -think.circle- and Dopefish because I would never have done a speedrun if someone hadn't done a run before me, and I used a lot of tricks from their runs. Also, the majority of the time saved on this run is from tricks Spider-Waffle found (some of which are quite crazy). This run is somewhat different as it's in 21 segments rather than the 42 or 106 of the previous runs. It saves a bit of time because there's a half-second penalty for each segment on SDA, but even with this I'm sure someone could easily improve on this run by breaking it up into segments around a minute long, simply because it's far easier to get good times with short segments. Overall, there are a lot of places the run could go smoother, but I think doing long segments perfectly is best left to the QdQ people. ;)

Also, since a lot of new major shortcuts were found while I was recording, I did some "replacement" sections, trying to end up with the same health, weapons and ammo. Thus there's a few small discontinuities (losing 1 health, losing some shotgun shells, gaining a few 9mm bullets) but nothing that would affect the run at all.

About the possible improvements: Some I didn't know about, some were mistakes, some I didn't try because they're too risky. Many of these moves have already been done by Dopefish in his run and some Spider-Waffle has thought up and have appeared in a collection of shortcut clips.

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