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Gravity Jumping

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Gravity Jumping
Discoverer(s) Many/Max]I[muS-X
Games Half-Life 2
Engine Source Engine
OrangeBox Engine
Used in HL2DQ

Gravity Jumping is a trick where a player uses Gravity Gun to boost himself vertically. This trick is widely known in HL2DM.

Explanations and How-to

The simplest way to perform this trick is to stand on object, preferably flat, crouch, look down, and shoot the gravity gun's primary fire at the object. The object will rebound off the ground and throw you into the air. The height it gives you depends on the weight, area, your location on the object, and other such properties of the object. This can be done without crouching, and sometimes it helps to jump just as the object is rebounding off the ground for extra height, although this may end up stifling your jump instead.

Advanced Gravity Jumping

Same concept as gravity jumping, but simply more complex in it's use of physics to gain height. For example, some objects can be tilted off their axis by duckjumping on top of the edge of them, after which they quickly return to their initial state. You can use the added force of the object's edge trying to push itself up, on top of the rebounding effect from the gravjump, to propel yourself to even higher heights.

Other examples, such as gaining massive height from a gravity jump off the airboat, involve standing on the edge of a bulky object, then firing the gravity gun at it sideways, so that the object is thrown perpendicular to the ground, simultaneously throwing the edge with you on it upwards violently.

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