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Adrenaline Gamer

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Adrenaline Gamer
Developer(s) BulliT
Released November 30, 2003
Type Multiplayer
Game Half-Life
Download v6.6 (38,21 MB)

v6.3 (38,3 MB)

The Adrenaline Gamer mod was first targeted as an easy server side replacement for the Half-Life Deathmatch clans. But now it's targeted for all players that want a better Half-Life Deathmatch experience. It features cheat protection, spectator mode, new game modes and match features.

Game Modes

You can change gamemode with the commandmenu (not allowed in standard install, server admin needs to set sv_ag_vote_gamemode 1 in server.cfg) Here is an explaination of the current AG gamemodes:

Free For All

This is the standard Deathmatch server.

Team Deathmatch

This gamemode could vary from server to server. A fresh install set this to be the clanbase cup settings. The cup settings are accepted as the European standard.


Capture The Flag mode, a fun teamplay mode where you try to capture the opponents flag. Score system:
4 points for each capture.
1 point for returning your teams flag.
1 point for killing the opponent that carries your flag.
1 point for stealing the other teams flag.
1 point if you kill your opponent while defending your flag.


Last Man Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one man remains!


Last Team Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one team remains!


The one on one mode. When a player dies he goes to spectator mode and the next in line is spawned after a countdown. If you just want to watch you can change your ready status in the commandmenu (ready/notready). Settings may vary from server to server.


Warmup mode to get the feel for the weapons before a match. You allways spawn with all weapons and ammo. If you kill someone you get a refill as a reward. It got reduced headshot and less damage radius just like the match mode.


Shotgun and crossbow mode, this mode features a subset of the regular weapons and is alot of fun, it got reduced headshots and a gauss to jump with (gauss wont do any damage).


One shot one kill! You spawn equipped with a Crowbar and Gauss.

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