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Bunnyrace beta2.png
General Map Info
Game Half-Life
Deathmatch Classic
Fastest time 21,02s by Takyon
Download here
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bunnyrace_beta2 is a jumping map for built for Half-Life (DMC). This map requires dmc.wad file to load properly. Keep in mind that this isn't an Adrenaline Gamer map, so you can run it on sv_maxspeed 320 setting.


The rules are simple, no boosting, just plain Bunnyhopping. Timing starts as soon as the gate opens.

w/ skips
Runner(s) Time Demo
Takyon 21.02 YouTube
KingFrog-DP05 21.09 YouTube
blasdfa 21.45 YouTube
DraiKu 22.22 YouTube
Pineapple 22.78
blasdfa 22.85
DraiKu 23.05 .dem
Pineapple 23.12 YouTube
KranK 24.00 YouTube
quadrazid 24.12 YouTube
w/o skips
Runner(s) Time Demo
Takyon 30.88 YouTube
Blasdfa 32.19 YouTube
quadrazid 33.25 YouTube
blasdfa 33.76 YouTube
Kakarotossj 34.70 YouTube
PJC 35.10 YouTube
KranK 36.30 YouTube


Map Download Link
Google Drive 2.8MB Download
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