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Backwards Circle Jumping

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Backwards Circle Jumping

Backwards Circle Jumping(also known as Circle Strafing) is a trick to gain extra speed on your first jump in the OrangeBox Engine.

Explanation and How-to

The player movement speed on the ground isn't capped properly, by changing direction you can go a bit faster than moving in a straight line. This is used in the Old Source Engine and GoldSrc in the form of Circle Jumping. In a circle jump you move in a circular motion to gain extra speed while you're on the ground, and then jump. It cannot be performed in the newer Source engine, because if you're above the normal jumping speed you get slowed down due to the ABH mechanic.

In this trick, circle jumping is combined with the mechanic from Accelerated Back Hopping. You do a circle jump backwards and as you jump, you simultaneously stop holding S. Now if you're above the speed cap you'll get accelerated backwards similar to ABH. You can also stop sprinting and start walking to get accelerated even more.

With this trick you can get over 700 ups on your first jump, which is double the speed of your normal jump of 352 ups.

Without Scripts

Hold a strafe key, sprint and move your mouse in the opposite direction to move in a circular motion. Once you are facing backwards jump.

You can also do an alternate version where you simultaneously start crouching while sprinting and jump when you get fully crouched. This is more difficult to pull of but also gives you more speed.

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