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sp_a1_intro3 is the third map in the Portal 2 singleplayer campaign, and the third map of the chapter The Courtesy Call.


At the beginning of the level, bunnyhop through the two doors and onto the ruined portal gun platform. It is generally recommended to jump onto the platform, and to aim for more or less the middle of it to reduce time as much as possible. After falling down and bunnyhopping to where the actual Portal gun is, rather then going on to the platform, it is quicker to either move nearby and press the Use key, or brush against the left edge of the platform it's on. This allows you to get the portal gun and be close to a portalable wall much faster. After grabbing it and shooting a portal, look to the right and shoot another portal as far away as you can. Now proceed to bunnyhop through to the broken window, and jump through it into the next chambers area as fast as you can (although some speedrunners may prefer to wait until the announcer says "...should have asked that first.". Shoot a blue portal on the wall closest to you, walk through and shoot another portal to your left, and the test chamber will be complete. To save time in the elevator, wait until right when the announcer finishes saying "...on your self-reporting form. An Aperture Science...".


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcfJEeyERJc - Tutorial by Znernicus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x1KXcvHfnQ - Portal 2 Segmented World Record (area by Zypeh)

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