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SourceRuns Marathon 2016

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The SourceRuns Marathon 2016 is the 2nd installment of the annual SourceRuns Marathon, held from August 12th to 13th of 2016. It featured 32 runs done by various runners around the globe of both Valve and Non-Valve games.

The even raised $621 for the National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, surpassing the initial goal by $371.


Runner Game Category Final time Link
shar Half-Life WON, scriptless 0:33:25.27 Twitch YouTube
PJC Half-Life: Opposing Force Any% (SS) 0:27:20.06 Twitch YouTube
PJC Half-Life: Blue Shift Any% 0:30:27.06 Twitch YouTube
Nan0kub Portal OoB any% N/A N/A N/A
Jukspa Half-Life 2: Episode Two Any% 0:45:46.82 Twitch YouTube
maddavid123 Prospekt Any% 0:39:48.69 Twitch YouTube
Griffin, d0t, nin_talal Sven Co-op 3 person Co-op 0:53:33.29 Twitch YouTube
Onin Dota 2 1v0 victory 0:10:06.29 Twitch YouTube
toad1750, Nan0kub Half-Life: Visitors Any% race 0:22:57.14 Twitch YouTube
chili_n_such, Centaur1um Half-Life 2 New Engine scriptless vs. Old Engine w/ scripts

(any% race)

1:40:35.90 Twitch N/A
Maxxuss Black Mesa (MOD Version) Any% scriptless N/A N/A N/A
CantEven Aperture Tag Any% 0:22:57.05 Twitch YouTube
BitRain Half-Life: Source Any% version -7 w/ scripts 0:46:13.84 Twitch YouTube
PerOculos Portal 2 Any% (SS) 1:14:56.11 Twitch YouTube
PerOculos, Luke Portal 2 Co-op 0:46:55.13 Twitch YouTube
TheMaster, mr.deagle Left 4 Dead All Campaigns Co-op 1:04:03.47 Twitch YouTube
TheMaster, mr.deagle Left 4 Dead 2 Main Campaigns Co-op 1:02:00.13 Twitch YouTube
TheMaster, mr.deagle Alien Swarm Co-op 0:17:35.24 Twitch YouTube
Cubeface Gunman Chronicles Any% 0:42:51.48 Twitch YouTube
Imanex Portal 2 Solo Coop Course 6 0:17:27.37 Twitch YouTube
deathwingua Half-Life 2 Cutsceneless mod 0:57:51.57 Twitch YouTube
nin_talal Half-Life Any% w/ scripts 0:30:14.85 Twitch YouTube
Elgu Void Any% 0:03:29.88 Twitch YouTube
execut4ble Half-Life: Edge of Darkness Any% w/ scripts 0:18:48.50 Twitch YouTube
BiiWiX Portal Inbounds 0:12:54.78 Twitch YouTube
Imanex, Nan0kub Portal OoB race 0:09:13.61 Twitch YouTube
chinese_soup Super 8 Any% 0:02:00.53 Twitch YouTube
Elgu Quake Any% 0:15:14.30 Twitch N/A
WindedCone Codename: Gordon Any% 0:06:43.36 Twitch YouTube
Moo Cry of Fear Any% 1:44:22.20 Twitch N/A
colin8seven Gothic Any% 0:21:56.48 Twitch YouTube
colin8seven Gothic 2 Any% 1:11:49.37 Twitch YouTube
Afterparty Counter-Strike: Global Offensive de_mirage Twitch YouTube
de_dust2 Twitch N/A
Team Fortress 2 cp_badlands Twitch YouTube
cp_gullywash_final1 Twitch YouTube
Adrenaline Gamer agctf_duff Twitch N/A
agctf_gauntlet Twitch YouTube
agctf_daydream Twitch YouTube
Racing and marathon conclusion Twitch N/A
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