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Snark Climbing

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Snark Climbing
Discoverer(s) Many
Games Half-Life
Engine GoldSrc
Used in Almost every HL run

Snark Climbing is a trick where player utilizes Snarks in order to climb a wall or reach a certain height. This trick is useful because it allows player to reach heights without the need of Damage Boosting, however, it's a bit slower than that.

Explanations and how-to

The player is able to stand on snarks' back. Using this advantage, it's possible to manipulate snarks so they repeatedly attack the player which will make them jump and gain height. If a player is standing on a snark, he'll be able to gain height together with it, as Snarks are able to jump off the air.
In order to get the snark to attack you, you will need to throw it to your legs while slightly aiming into the wall you want to climb. This way the snark will bounce off the wall and turn to attack you.

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